december, 2023

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Get back in the kitchen with with an essentials skills class to teach you everything you need to know about beef, fish or poultry – what to choose, what to look for at your local store and how to handle your selected item.

At CPH Cooking Class we offer various skills classes to help you be creative in the kitchen, cook great food and become a home master chef.

Learn essential skills in how to

  • Select the freshest piece of protein and what to look for when shopping
  • How to fillet and prepare your ingredients
  • Handle a chef knife like a professional
  • Create a delicious meal with little to no waste

Since this is a hands on class you’ll learn how to handle a proper kitchen knife, with a beautiful knife from our friends at Zwilling.
You’ll love the way this knife feels in your hand, and it’s yours to take home.
Our chef will walk you through some great knife techniques before you test your new skills to create a delicate and delicious dish.

With your appetite awakened you will head to the frying pans. Our chef is on hand to provide all of the top tips to help you achieve a perfectly cooked meal.

Finally you are ready to sit and enjoy your creation – we’ll supply delicious side dishes and a glass of wine.

Your class includes:

  • All ingredients for the class
  • Chef led instruction and expert tips
  • Zwilling knife – yours to take home
  • Recipe booklet for all of the dishes from this class
  • Delicious meal and a glass of wine.

Duration: approx. 3 hours.

This giftcard can be used for any of our Essential Skills Classes – Steak me out, Vi Elsker fisk, All about Poultry.



Year Around Event (2023)


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