CPH Cooking Class is created out of love for everything that great food encapsulates, and what other ways to share the cosiness and best of The Nordic Kitchen and recipes with you –  than invite you into our kitchen.

At CPH Cooking Class, we have great nostalgia for the traditional Danish kitchen that have been cooked and served throughout generations, but we also feel deeply inspired by our neighbours of the north, which builds foundation to our style of cooking.

We believe interacting and learning about food are a really simple way for cultural exchange and bringing people together. By offering hands-on cooking classes followed by dinner, you will not only learn about Danish food traditions, but truly add on a local experience whilst visiting wonderful Copenhagen.

We look very much forward to offering you a warm welcome and a friendly environment. Join us for a cooking and dining experience whether to enjoy an intimate and social side of the Danish food scene with colleagues at our gastronomic team buildings or private classes if you’re by yourself or in a small group looking for a great hands-on cooking experience.