Food is the ingredients that binds us together, and food is universal and a great way to strengthen the relationship among colleagues, business partners or business associates.

At CPH Cooking Class your team building courses can be tailored according to your wishes, and we will provide a challenging, hands-on and fun time for you and your team. A day at CPH Cooking Class could include everything from private dining, learning the intricacies of baking, exploring ingredients and taste combinations or preparing and serving restaurant quality dishes (etc.).

We have great experience in hosting intimate private dinners or letting cozy moments in the kitchen lead the way for new ways to collaborate since interaction is a must and team work is the essence. In the kitchen CPH Cooking Class’ talented chefs will guide your team, while you together create excellent food, which you will enjoy at the end.

Your day will always start with a pleasant welcome, a snack and welcome drink. Afterwards you will get started in the kitchen with our chefs, all of whom are skilled intermediaries. Here you are faced with exciting culinary challenges, which during your time will become food at a level that will surprise you (Everyone can participate).