Start your day in Copenhagen in the best possible way, learning the essential skills to create traditional baked treats, including Danish Rye Bread, perfect Sourdough Buns and delicious sweet baked goods.

You will be hands-on throughout the class, learning the techniques for mixing, kneading, proving and shaping the different types of dough. By the end you will have new skills and all the methods for creating perfect bread and pastries, so you can recreate a taste of Denmark at home. Once you are finished baking, we will sit together in our lovely dining room to enjoy a true Danish Breakfast with all your freshly baked goodies, tasty toppings served juice, tea, coffee and a snaps, just like a true Dane.
Class time approx. 3.5 hours

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With an inspiring array of classic ingredients, seasonal foods and foraged delicacies, you will enjoy an evening of learning and exploring the Danish and Nordic kitchen.

In this class you will create a three course meal inspired by traditional Danish classics, but fused with the New Nordic cuisine. This class is fully hands-on and you will be learning how to bring a touch of the Nordic kitchen magic into your own, with techniques and tips for presenting and cooking beautiful dishes.

After creating and plating your dishes we will all have a sit-down dinner in the dining room and enjoy a feast of Nordic Flavors with a glass of wine.